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  • Company Name:IBC North America
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  • Industry Sectors:Other: Storage Tanks & Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Company Description:In 1946, the Harding family founded a storage tank company in a community outside of Detroit, MI. Building on 60 years of experience and still family owned and operated, IBC North America continues to meet the storage container needs of the chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industries. IBC North America is dedicated to manufacturing quality Intermediate Bulk Containers and providing a high level of service to our customers.

    The Passport IBC is a globally available Intermediate Bulk Container which has been received in the market as a quality product suitable for both domestic and export use. With IBC North America's partners throughout the world, product innovation and improvement continues to make the Passport IBC an economical choice for a quality Intermediate Bulk Container.

    Innovation doesn't stop with the product. IBC North America knows that a quality product is only half of a solution. That's why service is equally important. Our Customer Service and Sales team are here to help you meet your container needs. From product selection, to order placement, to delivery, IBC North America will be with you every step of the way.

    Realizing that we need to be environmentally responsible, IBC North America offers the ReturnNet® System with the Passport IBC. This recycling service allows for the return of emptied containers to one of our recycling centers where the Passport IBC is handled, recycled and disposed of in a responsible manner. This service is available globally through our partners in Europe, Asia and South America.