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  • Company Name:Liphatech
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  • Industry Sectors:Agriculture, Pest Control
  • Company Description:Liphatech has evolved into a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of pest control products. Our state-of-the-art US facility was opened in Milwaukee, WI, in 1987. Worldwide, Liphatech commits substantial resources to the development of premier bait matrixes specifically designed to carry our active ingredients achieving superior acceptance and control of the target pests (rodents, slugs and snails) for which our products are marketed.

    Liphatech, known as Lipha in the early days, began in 1946 in France as a pharmaceutical company. There, research focused on anticoagulants for the treatment of heart patients resulted in the development of three active ingredients: 1) chlorophacinone, in the early 1960s, branded as Rozol, a multiple-feed rodenticide that began to replace warfarin as the rodent control product of choice. 2) bromadiolone, in the early '70s, our first single feed rodenticide active ingredient was developed in the same fashion and 3) difethialone, developed in the late '80s, is the newest single feed rodenticide active ingredient available.

    Today, as a wholly owned subsidiary of DeSangosse, Agen, France, Liphatech also markets the worlds leading slug and snail bait matrix under the Metarex brand name. This product, based on the metaldehyde active ingredient, has opened new and exciting market opportunities in specialty agricultural crops such as artichokes, citrus and grass seed production as well as in nursery, ornamentals and landscape.